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We have collaborated with a group of major TV Channels having presence in over 60 countries to promote Pakistan and Tourism. We are producing Documentary Films on various parts of Pakistan to highlight its Culture-History-Geography under the title Road & Story Show. We already produced documentaries for Ghizer-GB which were acknowledged all over, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, and many local and international influencers and TV Channels. The expected reach of our Ghizer Documentary Film is over 20 Million+ people. Our Next Documentary Film on Hunza is releasing soon.
Now in the next phase, we are producing Documentary Films on Ghanche [GB], Naltar [GB] and Kalash [KPK].
For this purpose, we urgently need a Female Host. The host and myself will cover Food, Music, People, Landscape, Animals, Plants, History and Geography of these places and show to the world onscreen “Story of Ghanche” Episode on Road & Story Show.

Engagement Details are as under:
– Gender: Female
– Travel & Shooting Time: 12-14 Days for One Documentary FIlm
– Project Nature: Paid
– Starting date: 15th August, 2019 [1st Documentary on Ghanche, Gilgit-Baltistan]
September/October [for 2nd & 3rd Documentary]

Ghanche is a beautiful district in Gilgit-Baltistan near Skardu bordering Ladakh in India. Major attractions are Siachen Glacier, hundreds of years old architecture, its beautiful people, its capital Khaplu which is also known as little Tibet, and for its sufism. It was declared “Loveliest Oasis in all the region” by a De Filippi in 1913, and much more.

– Requirements: Good communication skills in English and Urdu and capacity to travel treks and lakes.
– Show Telecast: 60+ Countries on 3 Channels in English and Urdu alongwith Social Media all over.
– On Screen Presence: Host and myself taking audience to various places.
– All travel, boarding and lodging included
– Whole Documentary Team will travel together

It will be a very existing, learning based and fun filled life time experience. The interested individual can apply for one or all 3 episodes.

Please tag relevant female Artists / Models / Hosts / Debaters / Vloggers ASAP.